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Update: H49 Planning Appeal

This post is to provide a brief update on the latest information regarding the H49 appeal process which is now well underway. Further documentation has been submitted onto the DPEA web-site and a Government Reporter has now been appointed.

Residents who submitted comments, previously, during the Planning Application process, will now have received a second letter from the Council. This letter advises that the Council, in their first letter, provided an incorrect email address, to be used to make further representations to the DPEA, as part of the appeal process. The correct email address has now been supplied and the ‘cut-off’ date for further representations to be made, consequently, has been extended to 11th May.

Those members of our community who have received this letter are free to submit further comments, as part of appeal process. However, what is not really clear, from both letters, is that any comments to be submitted should only cover new points or issues to be raised and should not repeat previous comments made, as these have already been submitted to the Reporter.

The advice on appeals (Planning Circular 4/2013) states the following:

  1. As representations previously made and lodged with the planning authority by interested parties will be taken into account before a decision is reached on the appeal, there is no need or expectation for the same matters to be raised again with Scottish Ministers.  Nevertheless, regulation 5(4) allows that interested parties may make further representations to Scottish Ministers in respect of the appeal within 14 days beginning with the date notice is given of the appeal. 

Finally, MCC is coordinating and preparing a further submission, on behalf of our community, based on key issues and points raised in Springfield’s ‘Grounds for Appeal’ document which we will be countering.

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