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Drumburn Road: Path Improvement

This post is to advise all members of our community of the recently completed improvements undertaken to the path along Drumburn Road heading towards Muckhart Golf Club.

On behalf of the Community Plan Infrastructure Working Group, MCC and all of our community, I would take this opportunity to offer our sincere thanks to Tim and Kim Allan for all of the time and effort that has been put in to upgrading and improving the path.

The result is very much appreciated and MCC knows that these improvements will be very much welcomed by all of our community, as well as visitors, who walk and cycle within the area. Many of you will be aware that improving the path was one of several key objectives raised by our community and identified in the Muckhart Community Plan.

The new and improved Drumburn Road path, combined with the recently completed path upgrade that has taken place along the A91, from Upper Hillfoot Road towards Muckhart, will greatly improve access to, and from, areas, and places of interest, for all path users within Muckhart and beyond.

Please see Tim’s recent post on the ‘Muckhart Gets Together’ Facebook page for more information.


Mike Wilson


Muckhart Community Council


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