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UPDATE: MCC Press Release: H49 Decision

Please find below a link to the on-line version of the Alloa Advertiser article (which is slightly different to the article published in today’s ‘paper’ version):


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council


The following Press Release has been sent today to the Alloa Advertiser:

Press Release on H49 decision. DPEA Ref: PPA-150-2008

On Wednesday 28th October the Planning and Environmental Appeals Division of the Scottish Government (DPEA) issued a Notice of Intention allowing the appeal by Springfield Properties PLC against the decision of Clackmannanshire Council to refuse a residential development of 50 houses on land adjacent to the Pool of Muckhart.

Muckhart Community Council and the wider Muckhart community are dismayed and angered by the Reporter’s intent to grant planning permission for this development. The decision goes against the wishes of the elected representatives of Clackmannanshire Council on the Planning Committee, the elected East Clackmannanshire Ward Councillors, Muckhart Community Council and the wider Muckhart community.

The greatest anger is reserved for a decision that supports 50 houses on the site when the Local Development Plan allocates 35 – a 42% increase. Furthermore, the 50 houses will be crammed together into an area that is approximately 1/3 of the area of land designated for housing in the Local Development Plan for 35 houses, resulting in a development which is entirely out of character with the existing village.

The figure of 35 in the Local Development Plan was arrived at as a result of the intensive involvement of Muckhart Community Council and the wider community in the consultation process, leading to the finalisation of the Clackmannanshire Local Development Plan in 2015. That process involved a vote by Clackmannanshire Council specifically supporting the figure of 35 for housing development.

Muckhart is not against further housing in the community but why is it acceptable to exceed the number in the LDP when that number has been arrived at through due democratic processes?  Furthermore, questions are now being asked as to why anyone should get involved with the development plan consultations when the wishes of the community are ignored so blatantly and completely by the developer.  Those wishes, expressed through many objections and well attended public meetings, draw on local knowledge and positive aspirations for the Muckhart area; they have to mean something and not be side-lined through the planning process.

Is this a case of the profitability of a development taking precedent over the wish of the Muckhart community to protect the character and appearance of one of the most attractive conservation areas in Clackmannanshire? As John Anderson, Chair of Muckhart Community Council says: “The people of Muckhart deserve better, particularly given their interest in and involvement with the development planning process over many years and this planning application in particular.  As we move forward, we trust that there will no longer be a deficit in local democracy and that Muckhart Community Council and the wider community will be listened to and able to make a positive contribution to any development.”

Stuart Dean. Muckhart Community Council



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