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Superfast Broadband service update: Muckhart Primary School and Golf Course Road, Blairhill and Mosspark

Muckhart Primary School

As recorded in the Minutes taken at recent MCC Meetings (see item 4, ‘Matters Arising’, via the link below), the Council’s IT Team has been actively progressing a long-term, fibre-based, superfast broadband solution for Muckhart Primary School. As reported at the last MCC Meeting, the Council’s Stirling based supplier, Briskona, has now undertaken a detailed survey, involving BT Openreach, which has determined that a fibre-based connection can be delivered directly to the school. The Council’s IT Team are currently working on a number of options to improve the broadband service in the New Year.

Muckhart Community Council Minutes

Golf Course Road, Blairhill and Mosspark

Also, as reported at our last Meeting, recently, Briskona has contacted over 30 properties which are located in the areas of Muckhart currently unable to access a superfast broadband service due to their distance from the existing fibre-enabled exchange and cabinets serving the Muckhart area.

Briskona has sent a letter, together with a leaflet (see the link below), to properties located close to Muckhart Primary (FK14 7JL), along Golf Course Road (FK14 7JH), at Blairhill (KY13 0PU) and at Mosspark (KY13 0QE) which are entitled to Scottish and UK Government Broadband Vouchers. The Scottish Voucher Scheme is intended to ensure that every address in Scotland has the ability to access a superfast broadband connection by the end of 2021, regardless of whether or not it will ultimately receive a superfast connection through the Government’s R100 (Reaching 100%) programme. Currently, Briskona is offering to deliver a superfast broadband service, leveraging both Voucher Schemes and based upon the latest Fixed Wireless Access technology, which it is already delivering to rural locations across Stirlingshire, Clackmannanshire, Berwickshire, the Scottish Borders and beyond.

Briskona Flyer

It’s worth noting, also, that MCC has been advised that if enough properties in the postcode areas listed above sign-up for Briskona’s superfast broadband service, then this service could ultimately be delivered via a fibre-enabled cabinet which would allow an even faster Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) broadband service to be delivered.

Therefore, MCC would encourage as many properties as possible to contact Briskona and sign-up to the both the Scottish and UK Government Voucher Schemes to enable delivery of a superfast broadband service across the wider Muckhart area.

For further information, please visit Briskona’s website or call their Office on 01786 235031 to talk to a member of their team.

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