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EDF Burnfoot Hill Community Fund

Further to discussions and the Minutes taken at recent MCC Meetings (MCC Minutes) this is just a brief note to confirm that at the last Advisory Panel meeting of the EDF Burnfoot Hill Community Fund, held in October, Panel members voted unanimously to support MCC’s request for Muckhart to join this fund and, subsequently, to take a seat on the Fund’s Advisory Panel. On behalf of the whole of our community, MCC’s sincere thanks goes to both Foundation Scotland and the Advisory Panel for accepting our community into this fund.

Further to  a recent introductory meeting of MCC members with Foundation Scotland, it was confirmed that Muckhart organisations and groups would shortly be able to apply for grant funding – up to £5,000, per application – for a wide range of projects which can be demonstrated will bring clear benefit to our community.

In addition to being able to access the wider Clackmannanshire Community Fund, MCC can confirm that two grants (a Winter and an Event grant) will be awarded to our community, on an on-going, annual basis, and that MCC will also be able to access and award individual Micro-grants, worth up to £500 each, designed to fund local, small-scale projects, again, which can be demonstrated to benefit our community.

Three Panel members, comprising of two members from Muckhart Community Council and one member appointed from the wider community, will represent Muckhart on the wider Clackmannanshire Advisory Panel which decides upon the larger grant awards, based on entitlement and the benefits to be gained, as described in the grant application.

MCC will be working closely with Foundation Scotland, over the coming weeks, to establish the local Panel, together with local administrative and management resources, and, shortly, will be looking to recruit a member of the community to join the Muckhart Panel.

It is not clear yet, how the community member is to be appointed, as this process is currently being reviewed by Foundation Scotland and the Advisory Panel, so, some kind of election process may be required, however, this is still to be confirmed.

Watch this space for further announcements !!


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council

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