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Burnfoot Hill Community Fund: Muckhart Micro-Grant Applications Now Open !!

Muckhart Community Council (MCC) is pleased to announce that, further to earlier posts advising that Muckhart’s membership of the Burnfoot Hill Community Fund has been approved, individuals and groups resident and based within the Muckhart area are now able to apply to MCC to be considered for a Micro-Grant award, worth up to £500.

For your information, the annual Micro-Grant award to MCC, for this year, totals £1,500, and once this funding has been allocated, any further applications cannot be considered until the next grant award.

What is an MCC Micro-Grant?

MCC Micro-Grants are awards of up to £250 to individuals and up to £500 to groups for: “charitable purposes to the general benefit of local residents, including individuals and non-constituted groups” in line with the aims or purposes of the main Burnfoot Hill Community Benefit Fund.

How will an MCC Micro-Grant benefit our community?

The MCC Micro-Grants scheme can impact a wide number of residents, for example, by supporting:

  • Those not involved with, or benefiting from, activity run by formal, constituted groups, i.e. small, un-constituted groups providing valuable services or activities (for example, voluntary groups, lunch clubs or friendship groups) which may be ineligible to apply to the main Burnfoot Hill Community Fund
  • Individuals undertaking specialist training (for example, music or athletics) which fosters local talent
  • Individuals or small groups with an idea they wish to ‘test’ or try out
  • Participation (including travel) of community members to represent our community at regional or national events or in activities that are not available locally

Who can apply for an MCC Micro-Grant and for how much?

The following may apply to MCC for a Micro-Grant:

  • Individual members of the community, resident within the MCC area
  • Informal, non-constituted groups, based within the MCC area
  • Constituted groups, based within the MCC area

Note: non-constituted groups, generally speaking, will be considered a priority for Micro-Grants, as other funds are unlikely to be open to such groups, however, constituted groups are also eligible to apply. Also, the purpose of the Micro-Grant must be charitable in nature.

Awards made by MCC will be no more than £250 to individuals and no more than £500 to groups.

For further information on all of the Burnfoot Hill Community Fund grants available, and who to contact to apply for a specific grant, please visit the MCC Burnfoot Hill Community Fund web page via the link below:

Burnfoot Hill Community Fund


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