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Update: Clackmannanshire Council Consultation for Muckhart Development Street Naming

1st July Update: MCC’s request to have the consultation period for street naming extended has been approved by the Council.

The extension gives residents, and our groups and organisations, more time to discuss and propose suggested names and for MCC to prepare and submit a consolidated list of suggested names.

All suggestions, together with a brief explanation as to why the name(s) were chosen, should be sent to Mike Wilson, Secretary – MCC by Friday 9th July.

Thank you, again, in advance for your support.


MCC has been invited to participate in a street naming consultation for the new housing development now approved for Muckhart. We have also been advised that the Amenity Society, Muckhart Primary School and our Ward Councillors have also been invited to participate.

However, we only have 14 days to respond with any suggestions for street names and members are keen that our community should have the opportunity to be involved, hence this invitation to participate.

Given the brief period that the consultation will last, MCC would like to receive your suggestions by next FRIDAY 2nd JULY which will give us time to consolidate and submit our response.

The following paragraphs, which are taken from the Council’s consultation letter, provide some further information and advice on street naming and the process to be followed.

“Street names are generally composed of two sections, the first section being a name commonly derived from, for example, a local historical event, a well known and respected employer, a famous piece of architecture or building, local folklore, a well respected member of the community or local landmark… the use of persons’ names who are still alive is discouraged as is the use of living politicians’ names. In summary, this first section of a street name, should ideally possess some historic, geographic or topographic connection with the area in question.

Furthermore, where larger developments are proposed these will often require several street names to be assigned, and in order to help give such multi-road developments a sense of character and identity, street names assigned often take the form of a common theme, examples of such can be seen in the “Bard’s Way” development in Tillicoultry where the theme revolved around Scotland’s national poet, Rabbie Burns, or in the south of Alloa where the various courts took the theme of being given the names of Scottish islands. These are, however, merely suggestions and you should feel free to use your imagination when proposing a street name.

The second part of a street name is normally the descriptive element and in order to ensure that new street names best reflect the design, location, layout or topographical features of the road being named, the second part of a street name will be provided by Local Authority Officers.

All proposals received shall be given equal consideration, and we ask that all suggestions be accompanied with a brief note, of no more than a page of A4 paper, giving an explanation as to why the particular street name was chosen and stating any relevant history behind the name. You may also wish to enclose any accompanying background material which you consider to be relevant to support the suggestion.”

Please forward any suggestions that you would like MCC to submit, on behalf of our community, together with a brief explanation as to why the name(s) were chosen, to Mike Wilson, Secretary – MCC by next Friday 2nd July.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council

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