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Muckhart Community Council Community Open Evening

Further to the recent announcement from Clackmannanshire Council’s Election Team, the Community Council Elections, which were due to be held last year, will now take place in September of this year.

During the nomination period, which is due to commence on 11th August, anyone who is resident within the Muckhart area, is entitled to put their name forward to join and become a member of Muckhart Community Council. If a sufficient number of nominations are received by the Council – which currently stands at twelve – then a ballot will follow to formally elect members who will form the next Community Council. The new Council will replace the current one which is due to stand down following the next Annual General Meeting, scheduled for 8th September.

MCC has arranged to hold a Community Open Evening, on the evening of Wednesday 11th August, at 7:00pm, in the Coronation Hall (Covid restrictions permitting), to help promote the work of the Community Council and also the forthcoming election and to encourage members of our community to consider putting themselves forward for nomination.

Any member of our community can attend this Open Evening, during which cheese and wine will be available, which will offer residents the opportunity to engage in discussion with existing MCC members regarding the general, day-to-day business of MCC, and its regular meetings and activities, together with the plans and priorities, currently in place, to address the needs of our community, as detailed in the Muckhart Community Plan. During the evening, Information Stations, manned by members of MCC, will be in place around the Hall, allowing residents to view and discuss a wide range of subjects, in which they may have an interest, including various elements of the Muckhart Community Plan; the recently formed Muckhart Flood Risk Group; the development of the planned local Nature Trail; activities underway regarding planning applications and the housing development within the Pool; plans for path and road safety improvement and development; plans for local education and the primary school; current environmental and sustainability initiatives; etc..

The evening is intended to fully inform those attending of current member responsibilities, and plans and activities underway, and to advise those who may wish to put themselves forward for nomination what they can expect to be involved in as a member of MCC. A member of the Clackmannanshire Council will also be present should anyone wish to pick-up a nomination form.

We look forward to seeing you there !!


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council

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