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H49 Development Update

MCC has today received the following update from Springfield re the development works currently underway in H49.

The electricity cable diversion works are now nearing the completion. Due to safety and access concerns raised by MCC, Springfield were able to keep Maudie’s Loan open, during the brief time that the undergrounding works were being undertaken across the path, by fencing off half of the path, on either side of the works, whilst the cable duct was being put in place. Springfield staff were present, during the time that these operations were underway, to advise anyone passing of the work being undertaken.

Now that the cable ducting works across the site is nearly complete, the electrical works to switch the overhead cable to the underground duct can now begin. Springfield has advised that this project will be carried out by engineers from the electricity supply company, according to their timetable.

MCC has also been advised that the follow on elements of the Council approved build programme will commence from Wednesday of next week (15th September) and that Springfield’s groundworks contractor has been made fully aware of the sensitive nature of the site and of the approved Plans to which they should adhere.


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council

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