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H49 Development Update

This is to advise that, this morning, MCC Officers held a further meeting with representatives of Springfield plc., to discuss various Environmental and Heath & Safety issues and concerns recently raised both by MCC members and several residents, following the commencement of construction work at the former bowling green and within the development site itself. These issues included concerns raised regarding the lack of: adequate on-site measures to protect protected trees and their roots during construction work; on-site safety warning signage; off-site traffic management measures; and the installation of security fencing around the boundary of the construction site, amongst others.

Springfield acknowledged that those measures were not in place, as they should have been, before starting the enabling operations on-site. They advised that, under normal circumstances, all of these measures would have been in place prior to any construction work starting. However, due to access work having to take place on-site earlier than had been planned, to allow for the undergrounding of electricity power cables, prior to any building work starting, and due to certain material shortages and supply difficulties, caused by the current Covid situation, not all of these measures were in place prior to the commencement of this initial work.

At today’s meeting, Springfield assured MCC that, starting from today, the full range of approved environmental protection, safety warning and traffic management signage, security fencing and other measures, will be positioned and/or constructed as soon as possible, to replace the temporary measures currently in place.

Moving forward, Springfield has also agreed to continue to meet with MCC Officers, on a regular basis, to discuss and address any on-going issues or concerns relating to the housing development. MCC will continue to monitor the development to ensure that any legitimate concerns or issues raised by our community are addressed either by Springfield or the Council, as quickly as possible.

Finally, Springfield also confirmed that residents can contact them directly, with any queries or concerns, by calling their Head Office on 01324 555536 or by emailing


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council


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