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Generator noise, Meadowside Crescent – Springfield site

In response to a number complaints about the persistent noise from the generator on site over the Christmas period Chris Hardy (MCC) spoke to Jim Ravey, Land and Planning Manage, Springfield. Below is the response from Mr Ravey.

‘We had an issue over the holiday  period where the security company had come out to recharge the battery operated camera system. Unfortunately they left the generator running! However the 1st we were aware of it was when we received a message from a neighbour asking if it could be turned off……

Unfortunately the security company by that this time had left the site and it was my colleague Paul who went out and turned it off at 9pm on the 29th Dec.

We contacted the security company and told them if they were going out to charge the cameras, the generator would need to be turned back off when the battery charge was complete and they cannot leave site with the generator still running (ie they must wait until the charging is complete).  This is the contract they signed up for and is what should have happened.

Hope this helps and if you have a chance please apologise to our neighbours for any disturbance caused.’

As always MCC is happy to hear of concerns about the development activity and where we can effect a solution.

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