Muckhart Village from Seamab


Polling will take place between the hours of 7am and 10pm on Thursday 5 May 2022 for the election of the number of councillors indicated below for the electoral ward listed, there remaining in each case
more validly nominated candidates than the number of councillors to be elected.
The name, description (if any) and address of each candidate remaining validly nominated are as follows:

Ward 5 – Clackmannanshire East 

No of Councillors to be elected – 3


CALDERWOOD Les  Independent (address in Clackmannanshire)
COYNE Denis  Scottish Conservative and Unionist (address in Clackmannanshire)
GAULT Neil  Scottish Conservative and Unionist (address in Clackmannanshire)
HARRISON Scott  Scottish National Party (SNP) (address in Clackmannanshire)
MARTIN Kathleen Mary  Scottish Labour Party (address in Clackmannanshire)
MYLES Angus James MacDonald  Scottish Liberal Democrats (address in Clackmannanshire)
ROBERTSON Marion  Scottish Green Party The Anchorage, Muckhart, FK14 7JJ

* The persons entitled to vote as electors at this election are the persons registered in the register of electors for the respective electoral wards, but a person whose name is so registered may not vote if the entry in the said register gives as the date on which the person will become of voting age a date later than the day fixed for the poll.

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