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MCC Infrastructure Working Group

The new Infrastructure Working Group will soon have its kick off meeting to review actions and priorities. Should you wish to join and contribute to the working group, and be invited to the first meeting, please get in touch with Jonathan Bacon on


Award of Burnfoot Hill Community Fund Micro-Grants for 2021

Muckhart Community Council (MCC) is pleased to announce that three Burnfoot Hill Community Fund Micro-Grants, of £500 each, have been awarded to the following community organisations;

  • Muckhart Amenities Society – to cover the cost of replacing the worn out planters throughout the village, and for the planting of new spring bulbs.
  • Muckhart Golf Club – to cover the cost of a new sound system within the clubhouse, which will provide more flexibility in controlling the sound and directing it to separate areas of the facility.
  • Muckhart Nature Park – to enable the organisation to enhance the grass access areas, and improve the appearance of the metalled paths and forum.

The Burnfoot Hill Community Fund annual Micro-Grants, totalling £1,500 are being awarded by Muckhart Community Council every year to individuals or organisations within our community and applications for 2022 will be invited shortly.

What is an MCC Micro-Grant?

MCC Micro-Grants are awards of up to £250 to individuals and up to £500 to groups for: “charitable purposes to the general benefit of local residents, including individuals and non-constituted groups” in line with the aims or purposes of the main Burnfoot Hill Community Benefit Fund.

How will an MCC Micro-Grant benefit our community?

The MCC Micro-Grants scheme can impact a wide number of residents, for example, by supporting:

Those not involved with, or benefiting from, activity run by formal, constituted groups, i.e. small, un-constituted groups providing valuable services or activities (for example, voluntary groups, lunch clubs or friendship groups) which may be ineligible to apply to the main Burnfoot Hill Community Fund
Individuals undertaking specialist training (for example, music or athletics) which fosters local talent
Individuals or small groups with an idea they wish to ‘test’ or try out
Participation (including travel) of community members to represent our community at regional or national events or in activities that are not available locally
Who can apply for an MCC Micro-Grant and for how much?

The following may apply to MCC for a Micro-Grant:

Individual members of the community, resident within the MCC area
Informal, non-constituted groups, based within the MCC area
Constituted groups, based within the MCC area

Should this be of interest, and you think your group could benefit from a micro grant, please get in touch with one of the Muckhart Communcity Council members.

Vehicle theft – Upper Yetts

On Sunday 15th August a vehicle was stolen around 4:20pm from Upper Yetts, departing with the rear boot open and at high speed. The police are aware of the incident, and are investigating, but it is clear that opportunistic thieves are operating in the area. Please be vigilant and careful, reporting anything suspicious to Police Scotland.

Muckhart Open Gardens

Once again, Muckhart are having a village open gardens on 29 & 30th May organised by Scottish Gardens Schemes and the Village Amenity Society. Watch this space for more details!

Muckhart Flood Group

A new flood group has been formed in Muckhart that looks into local flooding concerns. The group would like to hear from you. Please see our main page which can be found here.

MCC Meeting – Wednesday 15th July

Next MCC Meeting (wednesday 15th July) will be held online for all to attend. The Microsoft Teams meeting invite link will be posted here shortly. Please get in touch if you have any problems or questions.

COVID-19 Muckhart Lend a Hand

In an effort to support those members of our community who are currently self-isolating, due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, Muckhart Community Council fully endorses and supports the Church’s Muckhart Lend a Hand initiative.

If you would like to help and support those members of our community, less able to cope with the current situation, then please complete and submit the on-line Support Form.

The Support Form can be found under Local Groups or through this link –

On behalf of our community, many thanks, in advance, for your support.

Mike Wilson
Muckhart Community Council

MCC Yellow Pages

I have just added a load more local businesses to our local ‘Yellow Pages’ This page has been created to help promote local trades people who serve in our community.

Looking for funding?

Helpful advice for completing a funding application

A good starting point is to contact the Clackmannanshire Third Sector interface (CTSI)

Contact C.T.S.I.  web page
tel                   01259 213 840

address         Connect Centre, Burgh Mews, Alloa, FK10 1HS

Contact person is Julie McGrath


– CTSI have a huge knowledge & expertise in capturing current funding
CTSI will look through draft applications and offer advice
– CTSI can provide access to the Trust Funding web site
(Trust Funding is an excellent web site which can match funders to your particular
initiative, and guests can access this website using a terminal in CTSI Alloa office)

 What key information should you have to apply for funding?

When completing a funding application try to include the following information;

  • Provide Objectives and clear outcomes (include a succinct description)
  • If possible, link your objectives to the funders’ aims and objectives
  • Demonstrate community involvement ownership and support
  • If a large project, have a steering group set up to manage it (properly convened)
  • Contact Details of Project contact person (lead person)
  • Link if possible to a local authority/community based development plan / action plan.

What else can you do to help your application be successful?

  • Study the funders web site and understand their aims and objectives
  • If possible demonstrate a track record on successfully delivering projects
  • Have information on your initiative/project on your own web site & Facebook
  • If possible ensure your initiative/ project is known about within the community!
  • Don’t complete an application if the information is not available
  • Ask others who have experience in seeking funding to look through your application
  • Make sure application is well written, ensure someone checks grammar & spelling

Note: A poor and badly written application can dis-credit an organisation!



New TRO’s for Muckhart, Tillicoultry and Tullibody

Clackmannanshire Council have posted the below TRO’s which may effect your movements around the area. Please follow the below links for more information.

5-6-1778 The Clackmannanshire Council, A823 Muckhart (Temporary Prohibition of Driving, Parking and Loading) Order 2019

5-6-1781 The Clackmannanshire Council, St Serf’s Road Tillicoultry (Temporary Prohibition of Driving, Parking and Loading) Order 2019

5-6-1782 The Clackmannanshire Council, School Road, Tullibody (Temporary Prohibition of Driving, Parking and Loading) Order 2019