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H49 Development Update

MCC has today received the following update from Springfield re the development works currently underway in H49.

The electricity cable diversion works are now nearing the completion. Due to safety and access concerns raised by MCC, Springfield were able to keep Maudie’s Loan open, during the brief time that the undergrounding works were being undertaken across the path, by fencing off half of the path, on either side of the works, whilst the cable duct was being put in place. Springfield staff were present, during the time that these operations were underway, to advise anyone passing of the work being undertaken.

Now that the cable ducting works across the site is nearly complete, the electrical works to switch the overhead cable to the underground duct can now begin. Springfield has advised that this project will be carried out by engineers from the electricity supply company, according to their timetable.

MCC has also been advised that the follow on elements of the Council approved build programme will commence from Wednesday of next week (15th September) and that Springfield’s groundworks contractor has been made fully aware of the sensitive nature of the site and of the approved Plans to which they should adhere.


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council

P&KC TRO: A91 Carnbo Road Closure

Please be aware of the recent Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) announcing the planned road closure along the A91, at Carnbo, to allow Perth & Kinross Council (P&KC) to allow carriageway resurfacing works to take place.

According to the P&KC web-site the road will remain closed from 8th – 29th September. Please plan your journeys accordingly.

A91 Carnbo Road Closure

Further detail can be found on the government’s Tell Me web-site:

Tell Me – A91 Carnbo TRO


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council

Community Council Election 2021: Declarations of Results

Yesterday, the Council’s Depute Returning Officer declared that the following nominees have been duly elected to serve on the new Muckhart Community Council:

Jonathan Bacon
Daniel Conroy
Andrew Davis
Christopher Hardy
Jonathan Jordan
Matthew Pease
Patrick Thompson
Gillian Thompson
Marlene White

Muckhart Community Election Results 2021

On behalf of our whole community, many thanks and congratulations go to those who put themselves forward for nomination and who are now duly elected members of the new Muckhart Community Council. In particular, many thanks go to those existing members of the Community Council who have stood for a further term, in addition to those standing for their first time.

Many thanks also go to those members of the current Muckhart Community Council, who took the difficult decision to stand down, and for the many years of service that they have given to our community.

In particular, a very special thank you, together with the sincere gratitude of all in our community, goes to our current Chair, and former Treasurer, John Anderson, and to our current Planning Convenor, and former Secretary, Stuart Dean for the decades of dedication and service that they have given to our community.

The final meeting, together with the last AGM, of the current MCC will take place next week, on Wednesday 2nd September. The date of the first meeting of the new MCC will be announced as soon as this has been confirmed by the Depute Returning Officer.

Please find below the link to the full Declaration of Results for the Community Council Election 2021 across Clackmannanshire:.


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council


H49 Development Update

This is to advise that, this morning, MCC Officers held a further meeting with representatives of Springfield plc., to discuss various Environmental and Heath & Safety issues and concerns recently raised both by MCC members and several residents, following the commencement of construction work at the former bowling green and within the development site itself. These issues included concerns raised regarding the lack of: adequate on-site measures to protect protected trees and their roots during construction work; on-site safety warning signage; off-site traffic management measures; and the installation of security fencing around the boundary of the construction site, amongst others.

Springfield acknowledged that those measures were not in place, as they should have been, before starting the enabling operations on-site. They advised that, under normal circumstances, all of these measures would have been in place prior to any construction work starting. However, due to access work having to take place on-site earlier than had been planned, to allow for the undergrounding of electricity power cables, prior to any building work starting, and due to certain material shortages and supply difficulties, caused by the current Covid situation, not all of these measures were in place prior to the commencement of this initial work.

At today’s meeting, Springfield assured MCC that, starting from today, the full range of approved environmental protection, safety warning and traffic management signage, security fencing and other measures, will be positioned and/or constructed as soon as possible, to replace the temporary measures currently in place.

Moving forward, Springfield has also agreed to continue to meet with MCC Officers, on a regular basis, to discuss and address any on-going issues or concerns relating to the housing development. MCC will continue to monitor the development to ensure that any legitimate concerns or issues raised by our community are addressed either by Springfield or the Council, as quickly as possible.

Finally, Springfield also confirmed that residents can contact them directly, with any queries or concerns, by calling their Head Office on 01324 555536 or by emailing


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council


Stage 2: Community Council Review Consultation Now Open

This is just to advise that the 2nd stage of the Community Council Review is now underway.

Should you wish to find out more about this consultation, or should you wish to submit a response, please click on the following link:


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council

Clackmannanshire Council: Notice of Community Council Elections

The Council today has released the Notice of Election covering the Community Councils in Clackmannanshire.

The Notice of Election, and information on how to request Nomination Forms, can be found on the Clackmannanshire Council Notices page:

Clackmannanshire Council Notices

Nomination Forms, which must be returned no later than 4:00pm Thursday 2nd September 2021, may be obtained from the Returning Officer (see the notice for further contact details).

If the election is contested, a Notice of Poll will be published on 29 September 2021 and voting will be via a postal ballot system. Results of the Election(s) will be declared on 15 October 2021


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council


Update: Dollar Forest Timber Harvesting & Haulage

MCC has been advised that the timber harvesting work will start week commencing 16th August and that timber haulage will likely start week commencing 22nd August. Warning signage will be erected on the Upper Hillfoots Road in advance of haulage commencing. These works are expected to last into early 2022.

Prior to starting timber haulage, Tilhill has advised it is planning to carry out some repairs to the upper forest road and this will involve lorries running material in from a nearby quarry. These works are also likely to start week commencing 16th August and the quarry lorries will be running for approximately 2 days.

It is planned to run the majority of the timber lorries before 10am and after 3.30pm during week days. It is likely that there may however be the odd lorry running between these times and Tilhill has advised that it will try to minimise this where possible. The plan is to not run lorries during the weekends.

If you have any queries, please contact Bruce Spalding, Senior Forest Manager:

Tel. 01786 821666 – Mob. 07917262166 – Tilhill, 1 Duckburn Park, Stirling Road, Dunblane, FK15 0EW. UK


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council

Development Work due to commence at Site H49

MCC has been advised that work is due to commence on site H49, next week, from Monday 9th August onwards.

The initial works will see the wall at the bowling green taken down and a ramp created from the A91 down through the bowling green. This ramp will give access to the site to allow the underground diversion of the existing electricity cables to be carried out by Scottish Power.

It is anticipated that a formal Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) will be issued by the Council, prior to the commencement of any work, which is likely to be in force for several weeks, until the access ramp has been completed. MCC will forward on this information as soon as it is received.

According to the advice received by MCC, the programme over the coming weeks will comprise:

  • 9/10 August – trees at Bowling Green to be assessed by Springfield’s ecologist
  • 11 Aug – careful removal of stone wall and trees (subject to ecology survey) to allow access to site
  • 12 Aug – 20 Aug works to create vehicular ramp into site
  • 23 Aug – works to divert overhead electricity line carried out by specialist contactor on behalf of Scottish Power

Following this initial work, development across the wider site is likely to start, soon thereafter.

Further information on the plans to develop the site is now available in the CONSTRUCTION AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT PLAN which was released yesterday on the Council Planning web-site. The Plan can be accessed via the following link:

Should you have any queries or issues regarding this development, Springfield has provided contact details for Paul Denham, the development Project Manager, who is based at Springfield’s Head Office. Paul can be contacted by telephone on 01324 555536 or by email at


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council

Tackling pensioner poverty in Clackmannanshire

Age Scotland: Our campaign to tackle pensioner poverty and boost social security uptake

Across Scotland, 150,000 pensioners live in relative poverty. Of them, 120,000 live in persistent poverty. This has remained stubbornly high for a number of years.

While there are a range of social security payments available to help older people, hundreds of millions of pounds of financial support goes unclaimed in Scotland every year.

Pension Credit is one of the most underclaimed means of social security support for older people. It is estimated that 40% of eligible pensioners on low incomes are missing out. That means £332m of financial support is going unclaimed by 123,000 older households in Scotland.

We estimate that 790 older people in Clackmannanshire are missing out on the Pension Credit they are entitled to.

But it’s not just Pension Credit which older people are missing out on. Around £93m of Council Tax Reduction went unclaimed by them across Scotland in 2020-21. Attendance Allowance for older people with a disability, Carer’s Allowance, and support for energy bills would make a real difference to financial wellbeing if everyone who was eligible received them.

There are many reasons why people are missing out on what they are entitled to, such as a lack of awareness of what is available to them, stigma, inaccessibility, not knowing where to turn for support, or feeling that they are “coping” without it.

Age Scotland’s latest campaign aims to raise awareness of the social security available to older people and to support them to claim what they are entitled to. It’s called “Check in, Cash out”.

We’re encouraging older people to check in with Age Scotland’s free and confidential 0800 12 44 222 helpline to find out what they may be entitled to, use our free information guides, and attend our benefits awareness sessions.

Age Scotland’s helpline identified more than £600,000 in unclaimed social security for older people last year but that is clearly just the tip of the iceberg.

Best wishes

Adam Stachura
Head of Policy and Communications
Age Scotland

About Age Scotland 
Age Scotland, part of the UK-wide Age Network, is an independent charity dedicated to ensuring that older people in Scotland get the support and opportunities they need to be able to enjoy a better later life.

Website:    Switchboard: 0333 323 2400

Age Scotland is a charitable company limited by guarantee and registered in Scotland.  Reg No: 153343, Charity No: SC010100.  Registered Office: Causewayside House, 160 Causewayside, Edinburgh EH9 1PR.

Muckhart Community Council Community Open Evening

Further to the recent announcement from Clackmannanshire Council’s Election Team, the Community Council Elections, which were due to be held last year, will now take place in September of this year.

During the nomination period, which is due to commence on 11th August, anyone who is resident within the Muckhart area, is entitled to put their name forward to join and become a member of Muckhart Community Council. If a sufficient number of nominations are received by the Council – which currently stands at twelve – then a ballot will follow to formally elect members who will form the next Community Council. The new Council will replace the current one which is due to stand down following the next Annual General Meeting, scheduled for 8th September.

MCC has arranged to hold a Community Open Evening, on the evening of Wednesday 11th August, at 7:00pm, in the Coronation Hall (Covid restrictions permitting), to help promote the work of the Community Council and also the forthcoming election and to encourage members of our community to consider putting themselves forward for nomination.

Any member of our community can attend this Open Evening, during which cheese and wine will be available, which will offer residents the opportunity to engage in discussion with existing MCC members regarding the general, day-to-day business of MCC, and its regular meetings and activities, together with the plans and priorities, currently in place, to address the needs of our community, as detailed in the Muckhart Community Plan. During the evening, Information Stations, manned by members of MCC, will be in place around the Hall, allowing residents to view and discuss a wide range of subjects, in which they may have an interest, including various elements of the Muckhart Community Plan; the recently formed Muckhart Flood Risk Group; the development of the planned local Nature Trail; activities underway regarding planning applications and the housing development within the Pool; plans for path and road safety improvement and development; plans for local education and the primary school; current environmental and sustainability initiatives; etc..

The evening is intended to fully inform those attending of current member responsibilities, and plans and activities underway, and to advise those who may wish to put themselves forward for nomination what they can expect to be involved in as a member of MCC. A member of the Clackmannanshire Council will also be present should anyone wish to pick-up a nomination form.

We look forward to seeing you there !!


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council