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Work to remove shed at bowling green

This post is to advise residents and visitors of some work that will be carried out, early tomorrow (Saturday 19th June), to remove the on-site shed at the former bowling green site.

Further to investigations, Health and Safety consultants have advised that the roof tiles on the shed may contain contaminated materials and that a specialist contractor has been commissioned to deal with this matter. Neighbouring properties have been advised of this work, in earlier discussions, however, given the proximity of the shed to the stone wall on the A91, residents are advised to try to avoid this area whilst the work is being undertaken.

MCC has been advised that the Council’s Planning team have confirmed that the works can be carried out under current planning guidelines and do not constitute the start of development of the wider housing proposals.


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council


Clackmannanshire CAB: Scams Awareness Campaign

We are taking part in the annual Scams Awareness campaign, which is running from 14 – 27 June. This campaign, which also includes Police Scotland, Trading Standards and a host of other agencies, aims to give people the skills and confidence to spot scams and report them.

We lead Citizens Advice Scotland’s Scams Action service alongside Stirling CAB which has been operating since September 2019. During this time, we have seen a wide range of scams, for example cases where people have transferred money to fake bank accounts, or builders taking money to do work and then disappearing. During the pandemic, we’ve seen the rise in online scams from text message delivery scams, fake Covid-19 vaccines to websites/texts pretending to be from HMRC offering self-employment grants. What is most pertinent to mention is that these scams are becoming more and more sophisticated.

CAB Advice on How to Spot a Scam
Here are some of the main warning signs of scams we are encouraging people to look out for:

  • It seems too good to be true – like an email saying you’ve won a competition you don’t remember entering
  • Someone you don’t know contacts you unexpectedly
  • You’re being urged to respond quickly so you don’t get time to think about it or talk to family and friends
  • You’ve been asked to pay for something urgently or in an unusual way – for example by bank transfer or gift vouchers
  • You’ve been asked to give away personal information

Who people can contact
We are encouraging people to seek advice immediately if they think they’ve been scammed. There’s a number of ways they can do this:

  • Contact Clacks CAB (or their local CAB if not resident in Clacks)
  • Contact Citizens Advice Scotland’s Scams Action Helpline on 0808 250 5050 or the Web Chat service
  • Report scams or suspected scams to Police Scotland (dial 101)

Yours sincerely,
Jonny Miller
Managing Director


Decision Notice for H49

This post is to advise those not on the MCC community mailing lists that, earlier today, MCC was advised that the Reporter’s Decision Notice, allowing the appeal and granting planning permission for the H49 development, has now been posted on the DPEA website Scottish Government – DPEA – Case Details ( All of the correspondence leading to this decision has also been posted.

MCC will now focus on engaging with both Springfield and the Council to further discuss the agreed Section 75 planning obligations, planning conditions, etc. and will communicate updates as these discussions progress.


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council

MCC announces its support for the Queen’s Green Canopy

Following the recent official launch of the Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) project, to help celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022, and further to discussion at last week’s meeting, MCC is pleased to announce its full support for this initiative to help ensure that this project fulfils its potential across the Muckhart area and beyond.

According to the Chief Executive of the project, “the aim of The Queen’s Green Canopy is to thank Her Majesty The Queen for her exceptional service, celebrate her Platinum Jubilee and promote the importance of trees to the environment, through the encouragement of tree planting and tree preservation across the nation.”

In support of this project, MCC has already established a Working Group, consisting of members who volunteered during our meeting at the end of March, which will be supporting Tim Allan, in his position as Deputy Lieutenant for Clackmannanshire, with this initiative in the coming weeks.

This project will see communities, charities, schools, youth groups, councils and landowners planting trees across the four nations to create a lasting legacy in honour of The Queen’s leadership of the Nation that will enhance our environment and the landscape for generations to come. The campaign will encourage the planting of healthy, native trees that will thrive in their environments.

The following is a link to the recent BBC article on the campaign launch of the Queen’s Green Canopy: BBC news – Queen’s Green Canopy

And the following is a link to Tim’s earlier post, on the Muckhart Gets Together Facebook page, announcing his plan to help support this initiative:

Muckhart Gets Together – QGC

Further details on the Queen’s Green Canopy can be found on the official web-site:

Please feel free to contact the MCC Secretary, forwarding your contact details, if you would like to join the local Group supporting this initiative.


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council

Open Gardens Day Success

MCC is pleased to announce that the Open Gardens Day May 2021 event has been a record-breaking year !!

The Muckhart and Glendevon Amenity Society has reported that the number of visitors was up on previous years with approximately 300 people attending, split equally between the two days, compared to 191 people who came in 2018.

Ticket, guide book and Rumbling Bridge Nursery sales, combined with donations made, totalled just over £2,100 which will be spread across the Scotland Gardens Scheme, the Coronation Hall and the School.

A special thanks goes to everyone who helped to organise and co-ordinate this year’s event, as well as to those who visited.


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council

BHCF Update: Announcement of Muckhart Nature Trail Grant award

As announced at last night’s Meeting, MCC is delighted to confirm that the Burnfoot Hill Community Fund (BHCF) panel has awarded Muckhart a further £2,500 grant. This is in addition to the Event, Winter and Micro-Grants also recently awarded to MCC by the BHCF panel.

In support of the Muckhart Community Plan, this latest grant will be used to create a Nature Trail that will run from the Pool of Muckhart along to the Primary School which is intended to benefit today’s school children, as well as other residents and visitors, and the generations to come.

The design of the Nature Trail will focus on educational content and value to support the school’s outdoor learning programme and, as the Trail will run along a Core Path, it is also hoped that the peaceful, rural setting will become a local attraction to all those seeking a stress-free and restful location to visit.

The grant awarded will be used to purchase native trees, wild flowers and bulbs, nesting boxes, interpretation boards and a picnic table and bench.

With this funding and the anticipated relaxation of Covid restrictions we intend to address one of the Aims of the Muckhart Community Plan, i.e. to prepare for an entry into the Beautiful Scotland Competition, by implementing this Nature Trail project over the next 12 months.

Our thanks go to MCC member Peter Wyatt who is taking the lead on this project and who prepared and submitted the successful grant application on behalf of our community.

Peter will be checking with those people, who previously volunteered to help with the Beautiful Scotland proposal, for their continued interest. Should you wish to join this group to help carry out the works associated with this project then please contact Peter (at: or on Facebook via Muckhart Gets Together) who will be very pleased to hear from you !!


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council


Clackmannanshire Citizens Advice Bureau: ‘Money Advice Matters’ Campaign

MCC has been made aware of a new campaign being supported by the Citizens Advice Bureau.

The following information has been taken from a letter issued by the Managing Director of the Clackmannanshire Citizens Advice Bureau and provides links to information intended to support anyone who may be affected by the issues raised or who may be looking for advice on financial support.

As you know the disruption and uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic have had a severe impact on the incomes and living costs of citizens in Clackmannanshire many of whom may already have been facing economic hardship.

To support our community the Citizens Advice network in Scotland is running a national ‘Money Advice Matters’ campaign from 31 May to 11 June.

As part of this campaign, we will be raising awareness of the support we provide to people worried about bills, arrears or debt piling up. We want people to know that our trained volunteers and staff are here to help with their money worries.

Our advisers will talk through options, check for ways to increase income and help make a plan to improve their situation. In addition to this free, confidential and impartial advice we also provide a range of free and easy to use online tools:

  • Our public advice site which includes information on getting help with debt, mortgage problems, budgeting and what to do if you can’t pay your bills
  • Our Money Map tool directs users to online help and ways to make the most of their money, decrease their bills and help meet the costs of daily living
  • Our Council Tax tool tells citizens quickly if they’re entitled to a discount, reduction or exemption

Yours Sincerely,

Jonny Miller
Managing Director, Clackmannanshire Citizens Advice Bureau

Christmas Lights – Drop in Consultation

Saturday 8th May, Coronation Hall Car Park, 9:00 – 11:00 am

Further to recent posts regarding MCC membership of the Burnfoot Hill Community Fund, the Light Up Muckhart team have arranged to hold a Drop In event to consult on possible options for Christmas lighting. This is your opportunity to have a say in the kind of Christmas lighting and decorations that you would like to see in Muckhart and both Light Up Muckhart team and MCC look forward to seeing you there.

MCC is happy to share the following which has been prepared by Light Up Muckhart regarding the event:

Muckhart Community Council, has recently secured Muckhart as a beneficiary of the Burnfoot Hill Community Fund. As a consequence, Muckhart will receive an annual winter grant from the fund for use by the community. MCC have asked the Light Up Muckhart Team to investigate using the winter grant monies for some village Christmas Lights to complement our fabulous individual displays.

The LUM team have worked up some options and would welcome your feedback before progressing.

We know it’s only May but there is a lot to do……and there will only be 231 sleeps left until Santa arrives.

So please stroll down to the hall carpark on Saturday and give us 10 minutes of your time. We will have a number of materials available for you to view and discuss with the LUM team and give us your feedback.

After that the elves will get busy.

Alison, Dawn, Kirstie, Cindy, Sheila and Val

BHCF Update: Muckhart Panel Community Member Announced & Micro-Grant Application Dates

MCC is pleased to announce that Foundation Scotland has confirmed that Andrew Davis  will be joining MCC members John Anderson and Peter Wyatt as the community representative on the Burnfoot Hill Community Fund Muckhart Panel. This Panel will form part of the wider Advisory Panel, made up of representatives from all of the fund member communities, which governs the fund and which advises upon and decides grant awards. MCC very much looks forward to working closely with Andrew in his new role.

The Muckhart Panel has also confirmed the dates agreed for those individuals and groups wishing to apply to MCC for a Micro-Grant. Please see the Burnfoot Hill Community Fund web-page for further information on how and when to apply.


Mike Wilson

Secretary – Muckhart Community Council


Burnfoot Hill Community Fund: Muckhart Micro-Grant Applications Now Open !!

Muckhart Community Council (MCC) is pleased to announce that, further to earlier posts advising that Muckhart’s membership of the Burnfoot Hill Community Fund has been approved, individuals and groups resident and based within the Muckhart area are now able to apply to MCC to be considered for a Micro-Grant award, worth up to £500.

For your information, the annual Micro-Grant award to MCC, for this year, totals £1,500, and once this funding has been allocated, any further applications cannot be considered until the next grant award.

What is an MCC Micro-Grant?

MCC Micro-Grants are awards of up to £250 to individuals and up to £500 to groups for: “charitable purposes to the general benefit of local residents, including individuals and non-constituted groups” in line with the aims or purposes of the main Burnfoot Hill Community Benefit Fund.

How will an MCC Micro-Grant benefit our community?

The MCC Micro-Grants scheme can impact a wide number of residents, for example, by supporting:

  • Those not involved with, or benefiting from, activity run by formal, constituted groups, i.e. small, un-constituted groups providing valuable services or activities (for example, voluntary groups, lunch clubs or friendship groups) which may be ineligible to apply to the main Burnfoot Hill Community Fund
  • Individuals undertaking specialist training (for example, music or athletics) which fosters local talent
  • Individuals or small groups with an idea they wish to ‘test’ or try out
  • Participation (including travel) of community members to represent our community at regional or national events or in activities that are not available locally

Who can apply for an MCC Micro-Grant and for how much?

The following may apply to MCC for a Micro-Grant:

  • Individual members of the community, resident within the MCC area
  • Informal, non-constituted groups, based within the MCC area
  • Constituted groups, based within the MCC area

Note: non-constituted groups, generally speaking, will be considered a priority for Micro-Grants, as other funds are unlikely to be open to such groups, however, constituted groups are also eligible to apply. Also, the purpose of the Micro-Grant must be charitable in nature.

Awards made by MCC will be no more than £250 to individuals and no more than £500 to groups.

For further information on all of the Burnfoot Hill Community Fund grants available, and who to contact to apply for a specific grant, please visit the MCC Burnfoot Hill Community Fund web page via the link below:

Burnfoot Hill Community Fund