Muckhart Village from Seamab

Muckhart Community Council

Your Muckhart Community Council Members


John Anderson – Chair (front row, third from the left)

Jonathan Bacon – Web-site Coordinator (back row, middle)

Danny Conroy – Treasurer (back row, first from the left)

Stuart Dean – Planning Convenor (back row, far right)

Jon Jordan

Philip Lord – Minute Secretary (back row, fourth from the left)

Matthew Pease – (front row, first from the left)

Patrick Thompson – Vice Chair (front row, far right)

Marlene White

Val Whyte

Mike Wilson – Secretary (front row, second from the left)

Peter Wyatt – (back row, second from the left)



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Mike Wilson, Secretary:


Jonathan Bacon, Web-site Coordinator:



Details of the next MCC Meeting dates can be found <<here>>.



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