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Muckhart Community Plan

Regular updates and developments relating to the Plan are now available via the following link (note: this content will be updated following the formal approval of MCC Meeting Minutes):

MCP Update_2905


MCP 2019

The second MCP Annual Review took place on 28th August 2019. At this meeting, the Plan Leaders discussed how their Action Plans were progressing and the latest updates to these Plans. The master MCP will be revised to include the latest developments and updated Action Plans.

Following the Annual Review meeting, John Anderson, MCC Chair, has prepared the latest MCP Annual Progress Report (September 2019) which was discussed and approved, unanimously, at the MCC Meeting that took place on 4th September 2019.

The latest Report is available to the community and can be accessed via the following link:

MCP Annual Progress Report_2019


MCP 2018

The first MCP Annual Review, which was well attended by the Working Group Leaders, took place on 29th August. At this meeting, the Plan Leaders provided a summary on how their individual Action Plans were progressing and the meeting discussed updates to these Action Plans, and in some cases Objectives, for the coming year. The master MCP will be updated to include the latest Action Plans.

Following the Annual Review, John Anderson, MCC Chair, has prepared an MCP Annual Progress Report (September 2018). The Report was discussed and approved, unanimously, by all members, at the MCC Meeting that took place on 5th September. The Report is available to the community and can be accessed via the following link:

MCP Annual Progress Report_2018


An MCP Review Meeting has been held during which Plan Leaders reported on progress being made with their Action Plans (21st February 2018).


MCP 2017

Regular Plan Updates on progress and developments, relating to the MCP, will now be reported and recorded in the Minutes at all MCC Meetings – see the link above (from 6th December 2017):


Launch of the new Muckhart Community Plan 2017 !!

On Tuesday 12th September 2017, the new Muckhart Community Plan 2017 was launched to an expectant community, at a packed meeting held in the Coronation Hall !!

Following an introductory presentation and overview of the new Plan, and a brief review of some of the results of the community survey, those attending the Launch Event were given a copy of the new Plan.

Those present were able to discuss different aspects of the Plan with MCC members, to register their interest in particular elements of the Plan and to ‘sign-up’ to participate in new groups which will be working to help deliver some of the Action Plans.

Over the next few weeks, copies of the new Muckhart Community Plan (MCP) will be distributed to every household within the Muckhart area.

Muckhart Community Plan_2017

Should you have a particular interest in any section of the Plan (for example, the planned Housing Development; Education; Biodiversity and our Environment; improved Foot and Cycle Paths or Road Safety and Traffic Management) or should wish to join an MCC group to help deliver some of the Plan’s objectives, then please just let me know and I’ll pass on your details to the MCC member leading that particular section of the Plan.

Mike Wilson

Secretary, Muckhart Community Council


Tel:          01259 781546


The Muckhart Community Plan (MCP)

The MCP has been produced by your Community Council and was formally approved at the MCC Meeting on 22nd March 2017.

The Plan is designed to help identify, promote and deliver the priorities, expressed and shared by you, our residents and community, over the next five years. The MCP describes what we wish to achieve for Muckhart, and its surrounding area, and details our Aims, Policies and Objectives, together with Action Plans where required.

The priorities for Muckhart, as detailed within this Plan, are the result of extensive consultation that took place within our community, during 2015 and 2016 (via, for example, community engagement evenings; numerous stakeholder meetings with local businesses, clubs and organisations; community workshops; etc.). In turn, these priorities have been validated and confirmed by the results obtained from our Community Questionnaire which was completed in June 2016.

The Questionnaire Report, which details the results of the paper and on-line survey, can be accessed via the following link:

MCP Questionnaire Report



Muckhart Community Council (MCC) would like to express its sincere thanks to each and every member of our community, all of our organisations, groups, and their representatives, as well as all of the guest speakers and subject matter experts, who have given their time to take part in the wide range of events, workshops, focus group sessions, and so forth, that have taken place over the last eighteen months.

In particular, we would like to thank all members of our community who took time out to undertake our Community Plan survey and submit a response to our Plan Questionnaire, the results of which have shaped and influenced our Community Plan significantly.

Our thanks also go to Teresa Geissler and Muckhart Golf Club for providing some of the photographs used in the Plan.

MCC would also like to acknowledge the guidance and support provided by Lesley Baillie, from Clackmannanshire Council, in helping to put the Plan together.

Finally, sincere thanks goes to all members of the Muckhart Community Plan (MCP) Working Group – both past and present – for all of their time and effort spent in producing the Plan and to all members of the MCC who attended the workshops to participate in the final preparation and review of the Plan.

Now, with the help of you, our community, all of the MCC members look forward to putting the Plan into action, delivering results and reporting back to you on our successes, over the coming months and years!!


John Anderson

Chair, Muckhart Community Council